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Transitioning to their own room


Some parents wish to move their baby to their own room after 6months old (in line with recommendations for safer sleep guidelines). Some parents are happy to continue with them in their room, particularly if breastfeeding, for ease and comfort of having them close. If you wish to make the change to their own room, we have put together our top tips to make this transition and simple as possible:

Firstly, ensure your baby is familiar with their bedroom. Spend lots of time playing, changing and getting dressed in there to make it a familiar space.

Secondly, keep everything as consistent as possible as your usual bedtime routine. Some parents find getting them changed in their bedroom before bed makes it more seamless, but equally some babies are happy going in there, once the bedtime feed is done too.

You know your baby best, but just ensure they know their bedroom before bedtime!

Keep their sleep space as similar as possible- i.e. if they have a comforter or a dummy, ensure this is consistent when they transition to their cot etc, Bedtime might be the easiest sleep to make the move, as sleep pressure is on our side, at is highest!

We cover this in out 6-9month Good Sleep Guide which you can get yours by clicking the link :)

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