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Top tips for sleep

“Where to start?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. We compiled our top tips for good sleep below…

1) Starting the day at the same time each day, ideally between 6:30-7am, will really help get you off to a great start. Throw open the curtains, fill the room with natural light and show your little one it is now day time.

2) A consistent, and age-appropriate daily routine, with naps at optimal times can gear you up to for a more restful night.

3) Getting them to sleep before overtiredness creeps in can make settling to sleep less challenging.

4) A good bedtime routine can signal sleep time and is a good wind down. A simple bath, feed, story or nursery rhyme and cuddle is perfect. We want to keep lights on and make sure baby isn’t drowsy before bed through- we want them calm but awake so they settle off to sleep fully in their cot or crib.

Lots of eye-contact, and physical touch can reinforce your baby feeling safe and secure leading to bedtime. Some parents do a little baby massage, or a gentle sing song while dressing them after their bath.

5) Make sure you head to bed early too so you are taking care of yourself too!

You’ve got this!

For more information, head to our Good Sleep Guides or book a 15minute free consultation to see how we can help you achieve better sleep!


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