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The benefits of a bedtime story!

📚You’re Never Too Old, Too Wacky, Too Wild, To Pick Up a Book, and Read to a Child- Dr Seuss📚

I thought I’d share this ahead of World Book Day tomorrow!

I always recommend a bedtime story for so many reasons- and you might be surprised to know the huge benefits, even on young babies too!

With World Book Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share some amazing facts on reading to your little one…

📖Not only is it great way to calm and connect together, but reading to children stimulates their brain development, imagination, communication, creativity, language and listening skills, memory, and so much more!

💫A bedtime story is such a great way to bond with your child- so much so that a newborn baby loves the sound of your voice so much that their body even produces oxytocin, which makes them feel safe and loved🥰

📕Another amazing fact is that as you read to your baby or child, the synapses in their brain related to language and vocabulary become stronger, which in turn makes their brains stronger and more effiecent at learning and memory amongst other things- how amazing is that! You are really helping their brains grow💓

There are so many reasons to read to your baby or child, and it’s never too early to start!

What is your favourite bedtime story to read with your little one? 📚


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