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Sickness and Sleep!

Throughout this winter, this has been one of the subjects that has cropped up most. For babies, children and us adults, feeling under the weather can effect our sleep, both day and night.

Whether your little one is ill, or you are getting over a bout of illness, then we've got some info below with what to expect with sleep, how to help prevent it and how to overcome it.

How illness effects sleep:

If your little one has a sickness bug, fever or a cold, then I'm sure you don't need me to tell you you are most likely in for a period of disturbed sleep! Try and embrace this short spell and provide all the comfort and reassurance your little one needs and put any thoughts of causing long term sleep issues on the back burner - instead focus on getting them better and then starting a fresh to get back on track with sleep. Often, sleep resolves itself anyway once they have recovered.

Waking more:

A blocked nose, or a fever can make us all feel lousy and can make sleep more tricky. Waking from hunger if their appetite has been low during the day is quite common too, as well as needing a feed (or a drink for older children), if they are more thirsty or need to keep fluids up. You may need to keep on top of medication etc, or they may simply want your cuddles and reassurance- this is all so normal.

Needing more sleep:

Equally- as much as sleep may be disturbed, it is very common for your little one to need more sleep when poorly, to help them rest and recover, so just go with what you feel is needed, particularly if they have had a hard time sleeping at night.

Helping prevent it:

Ensuring we encourage good health as much as possible, even more so in the winter, can go a long way- so think vitamins, eating well, getting out in the fresh air, and sleeping well, which all contribute to keeping bugs at bay. We can't control it, but we can help to make sure we and our little ones are in the best health possible.

More info on vitamins can be found here:

Most importantly, remember you know your baby/child best, and if you are at all concerned, always speak to a GP, Pharmacist or seek emergency medical help.


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