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My baby wakes early, what can I do?

We hear you- your little angel goes to bed perfectly, sleeps really well, until the super early morning rolls around then - BOOM - they're awake and there is no way of getting them back to sleep!!

We have you covered here with some things to try....and believe us when we say a late night doesn't always mean a late morning- it's often quite the opposite, in fact.

1) Sleep Environment- reassess their sleep space, is it dark enough? Often even the slightest slither of light can be enough to signal to your baby's sleep hormones that it’s time to wake up, which is often worse in the summer months. Next, are there any noises around the time they wake? The heating clicking on and pipes and radiators warming around the time they are waking is common.

2) Bedtime- is their bedtime too late or too early? Too late and it can be harder for them to settle themselves in the early hours when they wake, and too early can mean they have met all their sleep needs by the early hour!

3) Naps- capping naps so they aren't too close to bedtime, and ensuring the morning nap (if they still have one) isn't too early, as it can be used to top up any nighttime sleep.

4) Activity and Skill Time- have they had enough active time, and time to practice any new skills- such as rolling, crawling, walking etc throughout the day? If they wake and are happy just practising any new skills then you can leave them be, they may just nod back off to sleep after a short while.

If you would like more help combating early wakes, please book a free discovery call here!


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