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Autumn Clock Change

On Sunday 31st October 2021, our clocks go back an hour at 2am.

I always remember the clocks 'spring forward' in Spring, and 'fall back' in the Fall saying.

Clock changes are often met with questions on how to handle it for your little one and there are a couple of ways we recommend detailed below:

1. My personal choice is- do nothing. Then, just adapt nap times and feed/ meal times and bedtime to the 'new time' from the off. Early wakes are common in this scenario for the following few days (as it used to be an hour later!), but this is usually only whilst your little one adapts.

2. The second way to handle it is by adapting naps, feed/meal times and bedtime by 15minutes a day for the days leading up to it-so this clock change you will be moving timings later. Some parents may be able to do 30minutes a day later, but particularly naps and mealtimes to push back this much can be a stretch for some little ones, so we tend to opt for 15minutes each day to make it more gradual.

Lots of natural daylight can really help too, along with fresh air and outdoor activity time.

We hope this helps, and we often remind parents to keep calm, it usually only impacts your baby for a few days.

I can't believe our next seasonal post will be about managing naps over the Christmas period!!

Sleepy vibes to all! xo


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